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Being a mom is tough. In the age of social media it has been made arguably more difficult. Resources everywhere tell us how to be a better mom. We want to train their little hearts, but it has to start with training our own.



Every mom feels inadequate

We aren’t called to motherhood because we possess super powers and will do it perfectly. But day after day we are meant to see our need for help, and seek it from the One who can help us. Not that parenting magazine on your coffee table or your mom friends on the playground, but from our Creator, the One who called you to motherhood, He will give you what you need.

Every mom feels tired and weary

The secret to getting through the day is not that exercise regiment you saw on TV, or the diet that blog boasts will help you lose weight and gain energy. The truth of the matter is God alone will sustain you, and His grace is sufficient for your weaknesses, even in motherhood Even with little sleep, whiny toddlers, and any other challenges you face.

Every mom needs the same thing

It’s Jesus! His work on the cross, has paved the way for us to receive wholeness, not our own but given to us by Him. We are made right, despite our failures, shortcomings, how we are inadequate. We all need the truth of Jesus and His salvation and we need it daily.

Jesus Walks on Water Lesson

Use a story of Jesus' miracles to teach your kids. Stories are a great way to teach about Jesus to kids (and adults!). Try to ask questions afterward or during to check their comprehension, get them to make connections to their own lives. Draw out the main point of...

Bible Study Blank

Use this free resource to help you learn from God's Word!

Bible Study Example: Peace

Bible study should be fun, and doesn't have to be overly complicated. If you need some help in starting out a study, take a look at this study on PEACE, then go to the blank study (click below) and start a study of your own!

ACTS Prayer Method

Follow this prayer method if you're looking for a new way to talk to God in prayer!

Bible Reading Checklist

Keep track of the books you read and add the dates of reading if you want, something you'll look back on and see how God has taught you through the pages of His Word over time.

Inductive Bible Study Printouts

Studying Scripture shouldn't be a burdensome task! There is so much richness in the text and God isn't trying to torture us by making it impossible to decipher. There are tools to help us better understand and so therefore, better apply the Scriptures to our everyday...