My God Has Answered

April 2017 "Did you hear the news?" John asked me as he shut the back door to our kitchen. He'd just come back from playing basketball and I had noticed he and his brother Josh parked in the driveway, just sitting and talking as the rain poured down. Immediately I...

My Top 10 Favorite Books Read in 2016

In 2016 I read a record number of books: 78! Since being hired as a nanny last October I don't have nearly as much time to read as I used to, but I still have a stack of books I'm longing to peruse through in 2017. But here are my favorites from 2016 (in no particular...

The Results of My Goals in December

My goal for December was to become more content [experience and acknowledge the sufficiency of God’s provision] by enjoying every moment with my husband, noting two things I liked about my body every week, fasting from pinterest, blogs, and magazines, and living...

Labor of Love Lyrics: It was not a silent night There was blood on the ground You could hear a woman cry In the alleyways that night On the streets of David's town And the stable was not clean And the cobblestones were cold And little...



Abiding Faithfully

We want to help you grow, to dive deeper in your faith, to not be satisfied with staying put! As women of God, as mothers, we have much to glean from Scripture that effects our daily lives and the lives of our children. Are you ready to start?