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We’re Three Sisters


Clare has been married to her husband John for 8 years. She battled chronic Lyme Disease for 7 years and as a result, childlessness for her first 5.5 years of marriage. She now has a 2-year-old daughter and is due with her second baby in Mid-March, 2020. Formerly a nanny, she is now a stay-at-home mom. Her hobbies at this stage of life include long walks, singing, reading (usually children’s books), and napping.


Adrienne is married to Josh, brother of John (Clare’s husband). They have been married nearly 10 years and have 4 energetic, sweet kiddos, Joshua Jr. (JJ)- 7, Reimer- 5, Seth- 4, and Kiersten- 2. Adrienne is a stay at home mom (for the most part) who has some cleaning jobs and a part time care-taking job on the side. She loves running, imaginary play with her kids, and investing in the community around her. 


Norma is married to Mike, 7 years and counting. Mike is a pastor of a small church in Northern Vermont. They have three children, Isabelle, 4; Theodore (Teddy), age 3; Michael (Mikey), 1. Norma is a stay-at-home-mom who creates websites and logos as a side business to help supplement her family income and help small businesses in her area. She loves to read, play sports (especially ice hockey!)) and do outdoorsy activities with her family.


 Clare (left) is the oldest, Norma (center) is the youngest, and Adrienne (right) is in the middle of us three; circa 1993 (approximately).

We are the youngest three in a family of seven children! 


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Join us in the journey of Abiding Faithfully in Christ!

A First Step

If you’re here, that means you probably are working at diving deeper into your relationship with Christ. That’s great! We hope we can help you in the process, and know that we too are in process, ever in process. None of us have ‘arrived’ and we strive daily to leave our old sinful selves behind as we seek to abide more fully and faithfully in Christ. 




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