Studying Scripture shouldn’t be a burdensome task! There is so much richness in the text and God isn’t trying to torture us by making it impossible to decipher. There are tools to help us better understand and so therefore, better apply the Scriptures to our everyday lives.

The Inductive Bible Study Method can be useful for helping you learn and grow, plenty of resources out there can be used and the sheet below explains the process.

If you’ve struggled to study your Bible and find ways it applies to your own life, this printable may be a great help to you use the Inductive Bible Study Method as you go. Print it off and put it into a binder or folder. Take your time and really let the Word of God sink in! This method can’t be done in ten minutes.

Free Download to use while you study a passage of Scripture! Print this out and put in a binder, or use the outline in your own notebook.